Trex 2000

Trex 2000

Trex 2000 provides a virtual pack of cards and three players to play with
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Trex 2000 is a shareware card game for Windows. Playing cards is a very popular game in the Middle East, and in this program, the rules are the same. In this application, we can play five different types of card games with three virtual opponents. It is possible to change our name and theirs, and select their play levels. We are allowed to team up with another player and play against the other team of two. Other options that can be configured are the Game Type (Crazy or Normal), the Speed (Slow or Fast), enable/disable sound effects and music, change the cards and table cover skins, start/end match. We can get help while playing via the Suggest Card option. The program interface is quite easy-to-use and it features artistic pictures for the kings and queens. We can read the rules for each game. The rules are not available in the game but online. The player with the seven hearts starts playing. There are negative and positive points. At the end of each game, or at any other time, we can view the match results. We have plenty of time to evaluate this program (300 days).

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  • We can play offline
  • 300 days trial period


  • No uninstall option
  • Only Full Screen
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